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Hi, hello. Um. Yes. I'd just like to say that I love you and your absolutely ridiculous awesomeness for making these vids. ♥ ______ ♥

That is all.

hee!!! thanks SO much, I'm glad you like them!

Those were lovely! Thanks!

These are absolute AWESOME-SAUCE! Wonderful work! *huggles* Now, if you'll excuse me - *goes back to re-watching*

YOU are awesomesauce! thanks SO much for the comment :)

Loved all of them - especially loved the line about how Danny hurt his knee, ha ha! We all know how athletic Steve is...

I couldn't ignore it, lol! I'm thinking Danno gets SUCH a workout with Steve ;) thanks for the comment!

those were tons of fun! thanks!

Thought you might like to know
your vid, He’s Killing Me, has been recced HERE
at h50_rec_room.

thanks so much for letting me know :) I really appreciate it!

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